API in the Press

SRO Oversight Could Be 'Rude Awakening' For Some Advisers

By Dan Jamieson, Investment News

Investment News quotes Advisor Products CEO Andrew Gluck on how FINRA oversight may affect RIAs.

Making Sense Of Document Storage Confusion

By Davis D. Janowski, Investment News

Technology writer Davis Janowski highlights key features for advisors to look for when purchasing an online document vault.

The Rise Of The Multi-Family Office

By Pamela J. Black, Financial Planning magazine

Financial Planning magazine covers the rise of multi-family offices and cites an April 2010 webinar by Advisors4Advisors.

6 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Web Site

By Nancy Opiela, Advisor Perspectives

Whether your web site is an online brochure to attract prospects or tool to enhance client communication, small changes can generate big returns.

Personal Client Portals Highlighted In Orion Advisor Services Newsletter

By Randy Lampert, Orion Advisor Services LLC

In the Operations Insight column of the November 2009 "Coordinates" newsletter by Orion Advisor Services, readers learn how Advisor Products' Personal Client Portals can integrate with a firm's marketing website, CRM, and financial planning system to create a more "sticky" client experience.

Andrew Gluck Quoted In Wall Street Journal Article On Twitter For Advisors

By Shelly Banjo, The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal addresses the difficulties of financial advisors who want to use Twitter to expand their businesses. Advisor Products CEO Andrew Gluck believes compliance issues are a main reason for advisors' lack of success.

Investment News Writes About Advisor Products-Redtail Integration

By Davis D. Janowski, Investment News

Using the portal technology of Westbury, N.Y.-based Advisor Products, financial advisers can set up a secure financial web page for each client, writes Davis Janowski of Investment News. That dedicated page will allow clients to access their account data from advisers’ portfolio management, financial planning and CRM systems, as well as market data.

Advisor Products, Redtail CRM Partner On Software Integration

By Donna Mitchell, Financial Planning magazine

Software integration is the Holy Grail for companies that serve financial planners these days, writes Donna Mitchell of financial-planning.com. Advisor Products, which provides technology and marketing services for advisors, and Redtail Technology, creator of a widely used customer relationship management (CRM) product, have joined the march.

Advisor Products Releases CRM Interface

By Nathan Conz, Insurance & Technology

Insurance & Technology writes about the release of the Personal Client Portal interface with XLR8 for Salesforce, which aims to transform a financial advisory firm’s CRM system into a client communications tool.

Advisors Need New Marketing Perspective

By Maya Ivanova, Investment Advisor

Bringing a fresh perspective to marketing can help financial advisors turn the turbulent market environment into an opportunity. By focusing on online marketing, blogging, and social networking—modern communication methods that are grossly underused by advisors—they can reach current and prospective clients at very little expense.

Advisor Products Rolling Out Collaborative Features and Integrations with Other Products

By Davis D. Janowski, Investment News

Davis D. Janowski recently received an interesting demo from Andrew Gluck of some soon-to-be-available features of the company's top-shelf adviser website offering. These new offerings are at the forefront of a wave of similar collaborative features we'll soon be seeing in various platforms and online applications.

Investment Advisor Magazine says Personal Client Portals "enable clients and advisors to interact more often and with greater ease than ever before"

By Bob Clark, Investment Advisor

Bob Clark of Investment Advisor magazine explains how Personal Client Portals can enable an interaction between advisors and clients that is far more frequent, intimate, and interactive than has ever before been possible. "Think of the potential in having your clients regularly logging on to a site that positions you as their first and best solution for ther financial needs and questions," says Clark.

Personal Client Portals helps advisors keep up with clients' growing Web needs, says Boomer Market Advisor magazine

By Eric Clarke, Boomer Market Advisor magazine

A study of baby boomers shows a significant increase in Internet usage in increasingly diverse ways. That's great news for firms that use Personal Client Portals to communicate with clients and an endorsement for the direction API is taking with the platform.

Building Client-Centered Websites

By Ed McCarthy, FPA Journal

Journal of Financial Planning discusses the growth of client-centered websites for financial advisors—and how Advisor Products is helping to lead this trend.

Advisor Products May Start An Advisor Blogging Revolution

By Matt Abar, Wealthfly.com

Wealthfly, a blog for independent advisors and planners, explains the importance of financial advisors using blogs to communicate with clients, and credits Advisor Products with innovations that will help bring blogs to the forefront of the financial advisory profession.

Gluck On Advisor Marketing Mistakes

By Tom Aspray, MoneyShow.com

Advisor Products CEO Andrew Gluck, appearing on Moneyshow.com, discusses marketing mistakes by financial advisors.

Gluck On Client Portals

By Tom Aspray, MoneyShow.com

Advisor Products CEO Andrew Gluck, appearing on Moneyshow.com, explains the challenges that financial advisors face in marketing themselves in the Internet era.

MorningstarAdvisor Praises API's Brochures

By Joel P. Bruckenstein, Morningstar

Morningstar writes about how advisors can get more and spend less on Marketing. On API's brochures, Joel Bruckenstien of Morningstar said, "I've never seen brochures of this quaility with this amount of customization at anywhere near the prices Advisor Products charges."

API Featured For "Masterful Marketing"

By Bob Veres, Financial Planning magazine

The subject is m*rk*ting, an activity many of you believe is beneath your professional dignity and rather unpleasant to discuss in mixed company. With the help of O'Connor, Gluck, Gendel, Lear and a handful of brave advisers, the planning profession may finally be starting to articulate its value and discuss it in public. Instead of waiting by the phone, the profession is beginning to figure out how to make it ring.

AdvisorSites Email Archiving Recommended as an Effective Email Compliance Tool for Small Businesses

By Jo Day and Kevin Day, FPA Journal

FPA Journal recommends AdvisorSites' Email Archive System as an easy and efficient way for advisory firms to archive their emails.

Gluck named one of industry's most influential

By James J. Green, Investment Advisor

Advisor Products Founder and CEO Andrew Gluck was named to Investment Advisor Magazine's IA 25, a list of the top-25 most influential people in and around the financial planning profession.

Morningstar Rates AdvisorSites No. 1

By Joel P. Bruckenstein, Morningstar

Morningstar says that Advisor Products' Web sites (AdvisorSites) are the gold standard among firms providing Web services to independent financial planning firms and that API is "head and shoulders above the competition, offering a combination of products, technology, and service unmatched by its rivals."

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