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Marketing Solutions For Financial ProfessionalsTM

Calm Fearful Clients With Economic Data

With the downgrade of America’s credit rating by Standard & Poor’s, clients have yet another reason to be jittery. Telling clients to stay the course is no longer enough to prevent them from abandoning long-term investment plans in difficult times.
By Andrew Gluck

Robert Keebler Writes About Complex Tax Planning And Estate Planning In New Blog For Financial Advisors

Robert Keebler, CPA, MST, AEP (Distinguished) of Keebler and Associates LLP has joined Advisors4Advisors.com where he will write about tax and estate planning and do a four-part webinar series on tax-efficient investing.
By Advisors4Advisors

Six Ways Advisor Products Content Can Improve Your Social Media And Online Presence

Advisors are often stumped about what to post to increase their social media and online presence. So here are some ideas about how you can use Advisor Products articles for status updates and tweets.
By Andrew Gluck

I’m Having A Total Blast — Thanks!

Just want you to know that I am having a blast. My wife, Mindy, who handles accounting here at Advisor Products, was asked by one of our clients yesterday if I still cared about Advisor Products.
By Andrew Gluck

Why Integration Of Document Management With Client Vaults Is A Major Advance For Financial Advisors

What if communicating personal information with each of your clients was effortless? That’s no longer a merely a philosophical question. It’s becoming a reality.
By Andrew Gluck

Document Management System, Cabinet NG, Integrates With AdvisorVault, Automating Secure Client Communications For Advisors

Cabinet NG, a leading document management system for financial advisors, has integrated with AdvisorVault, streamlining a financial advisor’s work and improving client service.
By Andrew Gluck

Advisors Love Investment Strategist Fritz Meyer, According To Ratings & Reviews

Ratings on Advisors4Advisors for Fritz Meyer’s slide show earlier this week are fantastic. Advisors can actually love an investment strategist!
By Andrew Gluck

Top Five Myths Perpetuated By So-Called SEO Experts

You’ve probably received an email from an SEO expert listing the mistakes preventing your website from ranking higher in search engines. Problem is, the “expert” is mostly spewing half truths and distortions. Here are five top myths those snake oil SEO salesmen peddle.
By Andrew Gluck

Free Videos Teach Private Wealth Managers & Financial Advisors About Search Engine Optimization

Financial advisors who want to learn about search engine optimization (SEO) can visit Advisor Products Learning Center, which features 18 videos about SEO techniques for private wealth managers, financial planners, and other independent financial advisors.
By Andrew Gluck

Niche Marketing, Search Engines And Financial Advisors

If you’re a financial advisor, here’s how to use a marketing funnel on the Web to create a path connecting you with your target clients or niches.
By Andrew Gluck

Geier Financial Group: An Advisor Products Client Profile

I look at all of the websites my company builds. Geier Financial Group drew me in and I called Tom Geier.
By Andrew Gluck

AdvisorVault Upgrade Results In 400% Increase In Speed

AdvisorVault, a fully-encrypted online application enabling financial advisors to share files with clients, has been upgraded to a server with 64-bit dual processors and six cores.
By Andrew Gluck

Financial Advisor Marketing Videos

Financial Advisor Marketing Videos was launched on our website yesterday, and it is a powerful marketing presentation for knowledgeable, ethical, and open financial advisors.
By Andrew Gluck

CIMA®, CIMC®, and CPWA® CE Credit Now Available For Financial Advisor Webinar Series

Financial advisors with a CIMA®, CIMC®, or CPWA® designation from the Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA®) can now receive up to 100 hours of continuing education credits at Advisors4Advisors.com for on-demand webinar replays of the Financial Advisor Webinar Series. CE credit is also awarded for attending the live webinars on Fridays at 4 p.m. Eastern Time.
By Advisor Products Inc

Advisor Products Websites Now Come With Videos About Wealth Management

A library of FINRA-reviewed videos for advisor websites is now packaged with every Advisor Products Platinum website. When you buy a website from Advisor Products, a library of videos can be personalized to your branding and posted to your website explaining the online tools you provide clients.
By Andrew Gluck

How Can A Financial Advisor’s Website Generate Referrals From Attorneys, Accountants And Allied Professionals?

For advisors wise enough to be concerned about security of client data secure and privacy rules, AdvisorVault provides an excellent solution for sharing files with clients. But it enables you and your clients to share files with accountants and attorneys, and that’s really important.
By Andrew Gluck

You’re Probably Not Driving A Car You Bought In 2001 And Should Not Have The Same Website Either

If you’re still using a “framed” website, here’s another reason to upgrade your site to our .NET website platform: we’ll automatically create an XML sitemap for you to submit to search engines. XML site maps help search engines index a website, making it more likely to appear in search engine searches.
By Andrew Gluck

Presentations About Investing By Economist Fritz Meyer

Financial economist Fritz Meyer, after 15 years as investment strategist at Invesco, recently left his post and launched his own firm to provide advisors with institutional-quality macro analysis at an affordable price. Advisor Products is distributing Meyer’s research.
By Andrew Gluck

We’ll Make A Studio-Quality Marketing Video About Your Firm At The TD Ameritrade Conference For Just $1,000

Advisor Products will be shooting videos Friday, January 4 from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. PST at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. We’ve got a professional TV crew coming and we’ll be using studio-quality lighting and cameras. We’ll shoot five- to 10-minutes of you answering questions about your firm’s value proposition.
By Andrew Gluck

A Video Studio For Financial Advisors For Under $750

Financial advisors can build their own video studio for $750 or less. We did it and it was easy. By producing videos for your clients and optimizing them for search engines, you can greatly improve your search engine presence and attract new prospects to your site.
By Andrew Gluck

AdvisorVault Desktop Connector Simplifies Secure Document Sharing For Financial Advisors

AdvisorVault Desktop Connector, which enables financial advisors to drag and drop any file on their desktop to a client’s vault, is headed for testing shortly and we are seeking beta users. Desktop Connector eliminates the need to open a browser and upload files. You can also drag and drop files from a client’s vault to your computer locally.
By Andrew Gluck

The $27,000 Advisor Website Package: A True Tale

Instances of price-gouging and sales hype are becoming more common in the sale of advisor websites. The rise in unsavory sales of advisor websites accompanies a shift in the industry in favor of local independent design shops. Advisors are using local designers and consultants more often, getting sold “branding packages.”
By Andrew Gluck

Using Your Apps As A Marketing Tool

Having a great client portal or online document vault doesn’t only make your firm more efficient, it also helps you acquire new clients. When financial advisors buy Personal Client Portals or AdvisorVault from Advisor Products, they can post videos to their websites that demonstrate the benefits of the two services to clients and prospects.
By Andrew Gluck

SEO For Financial Advisors Without The Hype

To financial advisors, search engine optimization (SEO) is arcane. We're working to make social media and SEO more understandable and accessible to advisors through educational webinars that we've produced over the last few years. And now, after months of planning, we're offering a comprehensive suite of practical SEO and social media services geared specifically to financial advisors.
By Andrew Gluck

The Semantic Web And Financial Advisors

The Semantic Web automates activities that now require human intervention by structuring information on the Internet. For advisors, understanding the Semantic Web is important because it enables creating a site that is easy to be indexed by search engines. The easier it is for search engines to index your website and understand the information it contains, the better your search engine results will be.
By Andrew Gluck

Advisor Products Welcomes Alliance With WRP Investments

Advisor Products is pleased to announce a strategic relationship with WRP Investments, Inc. (WRP), an Ohio-based independent broker/dealer with over 375 financial advisors located in 23 states. As an approved WRP vendor, Advisor Products will offer discounted websites, client portals, newsletters, brochures, and other marketing and technology solutions to all WRP-affiliated advisors.
By Advisor Products, Inc.

MarketingSmart Newsletter For November 2010

In the November 2010 issue of the Advisor Products MarketingSmart Newsletter, we highlight an SEO webinar for advisors, the new MoneyGuidePro integration with AdvisorVault, wealth management videos and articles to help you communicate with clients and prospects, and how you can use Twitter to stay in touch with clients. We also profile our partner, AdvisorAssist, a practice management and compliance consulting firm for advisors.
By Advisor Products, Inc.

Tweet To Your Clients, Prospects, And Referral Sources Using Advisors4Advisors

Advisors4Advisors has integrated with Twitter to enable financial advisors to “tweet” A4A content to clients, prospects, and referral sources in an instant. The Advisors4Advisors integration automatically opens a browser with your Twitter account, inserts the headline of the article as a tweet, and creates a shortened bit.ly link to the article. You simply press “Tweet” to send the headline and link to all of your followers.
By Andrew Gluck

Advisor Products Welcomes WealthVest Marketing And Cetera Financial Group

Advisor Products is pleased to announce new strategic relationships with Cetera Financial Group and WealthVest Marketing Group.
By Advisor Products, Inc.

Secure, Encrypted Communications Between Advisory Firms And 401(k) Plan Participants

AdvisorVault enables collaboration with third-party professionals. We always envisioned advisors giving access to a client’s vault to the client’s attorney or accountant. But we never imagined using the third-party collaboration features to enable advisors to work more efficiently with 401(k) plan sponsors. But some advisors have already begun using AdvisorVault for this purpose, and it's helping them grow their 401(k) advisory businesses.
By Andrew Gluck

What Happens When An MBA Student Researches 30 Investment Advisory Marketing Firms?

MBA student Jonathan Poyer contacted us for help with a research project on investment advisor marketing companies. The results of his study of over 30 firms offering marketing services to advisors provided interesting insight into this market.
By Andrew Gluck

Succession Planning Expert Debuts Blog For Independent Financial Advisors On Advisors4Advisors.com

David Grau, Sr., J.D., nationally recognized authority on succession planning for financial advisors, shares his insights in a new blog for Advisors4Advisors (A4A), a practice management website for independent financial advisors. He's helping financial advisors overcome one of their greatest deficiencies: planning for their own retirement.
By Advisors4Advisors.com

ING Names Advisor Products Inc. As Approved Vendor

ING Financial Partners Inc. announced today that it has named Advisor Products Inc. as an approved vendor for its 2,800 financial advisor representatives. Advisor Products will provide ING advisors with discounted websites, newsletters, brochures, stationery, client portals, and secure document vaults.
By Advisor Products, Inc.

Get 38 Hours Of CFP Continuing Education Credit On Advisors4Advisors

You can get 38 hours of CFPâ continuing education credit on Advisors4Advisors, a practice management portal for advisors. And if you sign up for a free six-month membership to A4A, you get it for free! Simply register for our next webinar and you’ll receive an email with six-month free trial of A4A after the webinar.
By Andrew Gluck

Advisor Products Implements Managed Intrusion Detection And Prevention

Advisor Products has implemented a unified threat management system to detect and prevent malicious activities on all of its web servers. Adoption of the Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) by Advisor Products had been requested by a large financial institution seeking to use AdvisorVault, a secure system that allows financial advisors to share documents with clients and allied professionals and that is integrated with several portfolio management software applications.
By Andrew Gluck

Advisors4Advisors Debuts IT Blog For Independent Financial Advisors

Advisors4Advisors (A4A), a practice management website for independent financial advisors, has added a nationally known IT expert—Brian Edelman, CEO of Financial Computer Services, Inc, to its roster of industry leaders who share their expertise in blogs with A4A's more than 2,500 users.
By Advisors4Advisors.com

Bug Fix Allows Collaboration On A Single File In AdvisorVault

Advisors who use AdvisorVault can now share a single file with an accountant or estate planning lawyer. While you all along have been able to share a client entire vault or a single folder, the bug had prevented advisors from sharing a single file with an outside professional.
By Andrew Gluck

Quarterly Market Summary Makes Performance Reporting Easier

Next time you need a quarterly market update to send with your portfolio reports to clients, take a free trial of Quarterly Market Summary from Advisor Products.
By Andrew Gluck

Bug Fix Coming For Collaboration With Outside Professionals In AdvisorVault

A fix is on the way for a bug in AdvisorVault that will enable advisors to share a single file with an allied professional. AdvisorVault was developed principally to enable financial advisors to securely store files they want to share with clients, but it also enables advisors to collaborates with professionals outside your firm--CPAs, attorneys, geriatric care managers, personal coaches, business consultants and other professionals with which clients work.
By Andrew Gluck

Financial Planning Specialist Joins Advisors4Advisors Blogging Team

Kristen Jankowski, a specialist in creating financial plans and founder of Financial Planning Outsource Services, is the latest industry expert contributing to Advisors4Advisors, a practice management website for financial advisors.
By Advisors4Advisors.com

Client Service Is A Priority At Advisor Products

In a recent blog post, Advisor Products CEO Andrew Gluck recounts an client interaction that highlights the company's focus on excellent customer service.
By Andrew Gluck

Advisor Products Password Security Upgraded

To improve security, Advisor Products changed password requirements for advisors who use the company systems. The new password requires a combination upper and lower case letters, numbers, and non-alphanumeric characters. While they're harder to remember, they’re also harder to hack.
By Andrew Gluck

Trumpet, Inc. Announces Integration with Advisor Products

For independent financial advisors searching for ways to cut expenses and improve productivity, Trumpet Inc. and Advisors Products Inc. announced the integration of two systems to automate the assembly and delivery of performance report packages to clients.
By Trumpet Inc. and Advisor Products Inc.

Our Committment To Do What's Best For You

Some advisory firms feel they must work face-to-face with a local designer to build their website instead of working over the phone with an Advisor Products project manager. I don't agree. But we price our services so you can use a local graphic designer but still use Advisor Products for hosting.
By Andrew Gluck

Sheryl Rowling Contributes Portfolio Rebalancing Insight On Advisors4Advisors

Advisors4Advisors.com today announced that Sheryl Rowling, chief executive officer of Total Rebalance Expert, will join the site to contribute insight on portfolio management and rebalancing, tax-efficient investing, and financial planning. Rowling is the latest of more than a dozen industry experts to join the blogging team of the rapidly growing practice management website and online community for independent advisors.
By Advisors4Advisors.com

TD AMERITRADE Institutional Veteran To Contribute Financial Advisor Best Practices Insight On Practice Management Website

Advisors4Advisors (A4A), a practice management website for independent financial advisors, today announced that George Tamer, who manages a national team of operations consultants at TD AMERITRADE Institutional, will write a blog about sales, marketing, and operational tactics that independent advisors can implement to help increase efficiencies and build their businesses.
By Advisors4Advisors.com

How Bill Neubauer Eliminated 20 Days Of Busy Work While Doubling Assets Under Management

As he added new clients to his one-man firm, Bill Neubauer was getting bogged down with menial tasks. To continue to grow his clientele without adding support staff, he needed to become more efficient. Personal Client Portals was Neubauer's solution.
By Advisor Products, Inc.

How Ferrell Wealth Management Slashed The Time It Takes To Send Client Reports By 85%

Advisor Products Online Reporting saves Ferrell Wealth Management about 30-hours of staff time each quarter and $3 in postage and paper per client. In total, FWM is saving about $6,000 annually, far more than the $3,600 a year it pays Advisor Products for the service.
By Advisor Products, Inc.

Answers To Roth IRA Conversion Questions

At the Financial Advisor Webinar Series on December 11, Ben Norquist of Convergent Retirement Plan Solutions delivered a presentation that was highly rated by attendees about how advisors can seize the 2010 Roth IRA conversion opportunity. Norquist showed a simple web-based application he developed that makes it easy for advisors to calculate complex conversion scenarios to show the net benefit of conversion.
By Andrew Gluck

4Q09 Quarterly Market Summary Available To RIAs

Advisor Products’ Quarterly Market Summary becomes available Monday for the fourth quarter of 2009.Written by a veteran financial reporter and edited by one of the nation’s leading financial editors, QMS is delivered to subscribers as an eight-page Microsoft Word document 10 days after the end of every quarter. You can cut, paste, and edit QMS to fit your needs.
By Andrew Gluck

Website Compliance System Upgraded For Broker/Dealers And Advisors

Advisor Products this week upgraded AdvisorSites Compliance Engine (ACE) to streamline advertising compliance for independent advisors and broker/dealers. The upgrade eases the workflow and organizes information between the advisory firm and its compliance officer when changes are needed to the advisory firm's website.
By Andrew Gluck

A Powerful Search Engine For Advisors

A4A aggregates news for advisors. Every business morning by 8:30 a.m., we post the major news stories advisors need to read and email it to members. Now all of that, along with our own content, is searchable. Essentially, Advisors4advisors' news aggregation is a searchable database for advisor information.
By Andrew Gluck

Hardware For Protecting Client Data: A Highly Rated And Fun Webinar

Advisors who attended last Friday’s webinar on secure hardware generally gave the session very high ratings. We managed to have some fun with this very serious topic when we raffled products provided by each of the vendors.The three presenters each had a different security solution for advisors, but advisory firms probably need all three to begin to create a secure environment for client data.
By Andrew Gluck

Alliance Builder Increases Referrals And Link Popularity On Advisor Websites

Using the Advisor Products BackOffice, financial advisors can now add a new type of page to their sites that’s preconfigured for exchanging links with allied professionals. Alliance Builder is a great way for a financial advisor to build referral relationships with other professionals and also increases an advisory firm website’s “link popularity,” an important factor in boosting search engine rankings.
By Andrew Gluck

New Features In AdvisorVault 2.5 Increase Advisory Firm Productivity

Increasing productivity at independent financial advisory firms, Advisor Products Inc. today released AdvisorVault 2.5. The free upgrade streamlines routine tasks to promote client service and increase efficiency.
By Andrew Gluck

Advisors Can Now Post Articles On Advisors4Advisors

Empowering independent advisors to share ideas, Advisors4Advisors (A4A) today started allowing advisors to post links to articles, videos, and other online content. The three news sections on the A4A home page—-Market & Economy News, Industry News, and Technology News—-now accept advisor submissions.
By Andrew Gluck

Organizing Marketing Copy On Financial Advisor Websites

In talking with recently with David Lucs, a project manager here at Advisor Produts, he told me that one of the most difficult areas advisors struggle with is organizing the marketing content on their sites. So David and I wrote this post together about how advisors can organize their website marketing copy.
By Andrew Gluck

Advisors Feeling The Power Of The Internet

These are comments from real advisors talking about software applications for advisors. They’re not made up. They’re not filtered. And they’re as close you come to truth about an advisor’s practice management applications as you can get.
By Andrew Gluck

Advisors Sound Off On Financial Advisor Webinar Series

It's been just over a year since we started the Financial Advisor Webinar Series in the throes of the global financial crisis, and I have to say it's been one of the most fulfilling experiences in my career. The Series started out as a way to support advisors at a time when it looked like the global economic system was about to collapse. Over the past year, as we backed away from the edge of the abyss, we've continued the webinars every Friday at 4 p.m.
By Andrew Gluck

Advisor Products Responds To The Need For Speed

If we host your firm’s website and use our BackOffice content management system, you may have noticed a boost in speed. That’s because we replaced the main server that powers Advisor Products’ websites and BackOffice last week. Your website is loading faster for prospects and clients now.
By Andrew Gluck

2010 RIA Compliance Calendar At Advisors4Advisors.com

The 2010 RIA Compliance Calendar was posted for free distribution to members of Advisors4Advisors.com, a practice management portal site for independent financial advisors. The RIA Compliance Calendar was created by Chris Winn of AdvisorAssist, a compliance consulting firm serving RIAs and B-Ds. It lists 27 key compliance activities for RIAs month-by-month, helping organize RIA compliance responsibilities on a timely basis.
By Andrew Gluck

Webinar Teaches Brokers To Become Independent Advisors

AdvisorsForAdvisors.com hosts the first session of its Advisors Going Independent Webinar Series, which will provide brokers guidance on challenges they must face when becoming independent financial advisors.
By AdvisorsForAdvisors.com

Account Aggregation For Advisors

Since we receive a lot of questions from advisors who would like to provide aggregated account information to their clients, I am going to answer some questions here.
By Andrew Gluck

Email Templates For AdvisorVault Released

Advisor Products today released Email Templates For AdvisorVault, enabling automatic email notifications to clients when portfolio reports and other documents are posted.
By Andrew Gluck

Schwab PorfolioCenter On A4A

Schwab PortfollioCenter, a leading portfolio accounting and reporting application used by about 3,500 independent advisory firms, has posted its specifications to the Advisor Software Database at advisorsforadvisors, a new practice management portal for independent advisors.
By Andrew Gluck

SunGard WealthStation On Advisors4Advisors

SunGard WealthStation, a leading financial planning application with 125,000 users, has posted its specifications on advisorsforadvisors, a practice management website for independent advisors.
By Andrew Gluck

Boost Your Blog's Search Engine Ranking

On advisorsforadvisors, the new practice management website, advisor blogs are being aggregated, which makes it easy for advisors to see what other advisors are blogging about. This can give you ideas for your own posts or inspire you to start writing your own blog. More importantly, being listed on the blogroll can help boost your blog's search engine rankings.
By Andrew Gluck

Link Exchanges And Advisor Websites

We’re now programming a new feature in our content management system, BackOffice, to enable your firm to add a “Link Exchange” page to its website. This will allow you to quickly add links to other firms that will be displayed on your marketing website. The page on your site will be pre-formatted to look attractive and easy to read.
By Andrew Gluck

Building Client Loyalty

We’ve made it very easy for you to remind clients why they need you. All the tasks you’ve completed for a client over the past 12 months are now conspicuosuly displayed on each client’s home page. This important new feature in the Advisor Products Client Portal is integrated with Redtail Technology’s CRM. So when you input an Activity in Redtail, it shows up automatically in a client’s portal.
By Andrew Gluck

CE Credit On Webinar Replays

When the U.S. economy seemed like it might collapse last October, Advisor Products hosted a webinar for advisors in an effort to help to help them cope. Attendees were so grateful, we did it the following week. Pretty soon, it became clear that advisors wanted us to bring them this information regularly. Thus was born the Financial Crisis Webinar Series, which brings advisors leading thinkers from the financial advisory profession every Friday at 4 p.m. Eastern Time. Last week, we upgraded our registration platform. As a result, you are now be able to receive continuing education credit when viewing webinar replays.
By Andrew Gluck

Advisor Products' Client Portal Extends Redtail CRM For Financial Advisors To A Client-Facing Application

Advisor Products and Redtail Technology, developer of a widely-used CRM system for advisors, announced a client-facing CRM integration that will expand the reach of Advisor Products' Personal Client Portals.
By Advisor Products Inc.

Correction To My Twitter Webinar

In the presentation, I incorrectly said that if you keep your tweets private and approve all of your followers on Twitter, other Twitter users could not see your followers. That's incorrect. While approving your followers allows only approved followers to see your updates, any other Twitter user can still see your followers.
By Andrew Gluck

Online Portfolio Reporting Upgrade

Advisor Products just launched a streamlined interface for firms using AdvisorVault™ to upload portfolio reports from the two most widely-used portfolio reporting systems, Schwab’s PortfolioCenter® and Advent’s Axys®. The way an advisory firm maps a report containing a client’s portfolio data to the client’s online vault is simple now. Mapping is a one-time procedure for setting up the Advisor Products Online Reporting Solution. It’s also used whenever a firms adds a new client to the system.
By Andrew Gluck

Personal Client Portals Interface Transforms XLR8 CRM System Into Client Communication Tool

While CRM systems have long been used by advisory firms to manage their contacts and track tasks assigned to staff, the Advisor Products interface with XLR8 allows an advisory firm to manage and track client “to-dos.”
By Advisor Products Inc.

A Breakthrough In Advisor-Client Communications

The interface of the Advisor Products Client Portal system with this XLR8 represents a breakthrough in client communications because it transforms a CRM system in to a client communication tool.
By Andrew Gluck

Few Advisors Using Web 2.0

In a survey conducted by Advisor Products, results indicated that the majority of financial advisors are not using Web 2.0 technology, but are interested in it and believe it could increase efficiency. Andrew Gluck presented valuable Web 2.0 tools in a webinar hosted by ByAllAccounts.
By Andrew Gluck

The Elephant Wrecking Your Revenues

There's an elephant in the room. It’s the global financial crisis. If your firm's website looks exactly the same as it did before the crisis, then you're acting like there is no elephant.
By Andrew Gluck

Financial Crisis Webinars Offer Continuing Education Credit For Financial Advisors

The Financial Crisis Webinar Series, a free weekly service providing financial advisors continuing education for navigating the global financial crisis, announced its schedule of upcoming speakers.
By Advisor Products Inc.

Financial Advisors Respond To Financial Crisis By Adopting Web 2.0 Technology

With the global financial crisis causing many investors to fire their brokers, independent financial advisors are using Web 2.0 technology to attract clients, according to Advisor Products Inc., a leading marketing technology firm to independent advisors.
By Advisor Products Inc.

In Financial Crisis, Webinars Help Financial Advisors

Advisor Products' Webinars Are Helping Financial Advisors Communicate With Clients During The Financial Crisis
By Andrew Gluck

Advisor Products Beta Tests Online Reporting For Schwab Portfolio Center

Advisor Products announced that it is beta testing Online Reporting for PortfolioCenter, a new product that will allow the 3,400 financial advisory firms using Schwab PortfolioCenter to share performance reports with clients.
By Advisor Products Inc.

Albridge-Portals Alliance May Transform Financial Planning

The recent integration of Albridge Solutions’ portfolio performance reporting application and Advisor Products Inc.’s Personal Client Portals™ system makes any advisory firm more scalable, efficient, and client-centric. But what’s more exciting is that it will promote financial planning to millions of American households by making it easier for them to understand, measure, and manage their progress toward achieving long-term financial goals.
By Andrew Gluck

Advisor Products Launches Personal Client Portals Platform

The first application dedicated solely to managing communications between financial advisors and their clients was launched today by Advisor Products Inc., a leading marketing firm serving 1,800 independent financial advisors.
By Advisor Products

Interface For Black Diamond Reporting

Advisor Products added an interface for Black Diamond Reporting to its Personal Client Portal platform this past week, allowing financial advisors to securely stream holdings, asset allocation, and performance data to individual clients automatically daily. Using the latest technology for integration, an XML Web Service, the interface between Black Diamond and Advisor Products feeds each client of an advisor continuously updated performance reports with no work required by the advisor.
By Andrew Gluck

New Blog Service Launched

Blogs are an excellent way to market to clients. You cement relationships by reinforcing views that you are both accessible and informed. You can also use blogs as a way to add valuable content to your website, benefiting both current and prospective clients. Whether or not you have the time and ability to write your own blogs, this opportunity to reach your contacts should not be missed. That's why Advisor Products is now offering a blog writing service to help you take advantage of this key marketing tool.
By Andrew Gluck

Comply With Regs On Archiving Your Site

Your website is advertising and you must keep a record of all versions for regulators. With our website archiving system, simply make one click to save a copy of your site or turn on automatic archiving to create a copy of your site whenever you make a change.
By Advisor Products Inc.

Email Management Dashboard To Save Time For Financial Advisors

Advisor Products Inc. announced today that it has launched a new email account dashboard that makes it easier for financial advisory firms to manage their email accounts. The new email administration tool allows advisory firms to set up new email accounts, change passwords, delete email accounts no longer in use, forward emails to different addresses, and set up automatic replies when you go on vacation.
By Advisor Products Inc.


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