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Marketing Solutions For Financial ProfessionalsTM

SEO Copywriting For Advisor Websites

Let us write copy about your services that is optimized for search engines. Work with a financial writer who understands your business and Search Engine Optimization, ensuring your website helps achieve your strategic marketing goals.
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Fritz Meyer Video Updates For Advisor Clients

Generate leads and gain new social media connections using quarterly video updates by independent economist Fritz Meyer.

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Turn your advisory firm website into a lead generation system.

If your firm has a niche—Chinese-American physicians, top management at a local company, or Indian hoteliers—marketing copy optimized for search terms likely to be used by your target clients could transform your business.

This service combines Local Listings and Maps optimization with SEO Copywriting, synchronizing your website with your strategic marketing plan.

Our 12-step process for creating keyword-driven website copy and optimizing financial advisor websites for local listings and maps includes:

  1. Defining your keywords and local search terms using a workbook we provide you
  2. A 30-minute interview by a writer to better understand your business and identify your keywords
  3. Writing up to 750 words of website copy using your keywords (or re-writing up to 1,000 words of existing website copy)
  4. Using SEO-friendly mark-up techniques—bold, bullets, headlines, and sub-headlines
  5. Rewriting your website’s URLs to use your keywords and local search terms
  6. Adding internal links to your website to make it more search-friendly
  7. Rewriting your website’s page titles, headings, and navigation using your keywords and local search terms
  8. Submitting an XML map of your website to Google
  9. Claiming your company’s profile on Google
  10. Submitting your website for local listings on Bing, Yahoo!, and Google
  11. Submitting your website to local and mobile sites for map optimization
  12. Analyzing and recommending opportunities for inbound links to your site from external partners, the press, and other sites

Optimizing your website marketing copy and local listings are crucial steps to improving your website’s search engine rankings. To further improve your website’s rankings in search engine results, also consider:

In 2011 and beyond, as more advisory firms optimize their websites for Google Local Listings, publish blogs, and link to their sites from social media, SEO for advisors is likely to change.

Whether you’re a sole practitioner or a multi-professional advisory firm, it’s wise for you to know key, easy-to-use techniques for improving your website’s search engine rankings.

That’s why, in addition to our Eight-Step SEO Process For Financial Advisor Websites, Advisor Products educates you about changing SEO techniques. We regularly provide articles and webinars about how advisors can boost website search engine rankings. With SEO For Financial Advisors, you receive:

  • The Financial Advisor Keyword Workbook to identify your keywords
  • Videos showing how to use the AdvisorSites BackOffice to optimize your website for your keywords using on-page factors
  • Articles from Advisor Products’ with our latest research on SEO for advisors
  • Invitations to a quarterly webinar about website optimization for financial advisors

You’ll learn about key techniques used by SEO consultants and be able to apply them on your own. We’ll show you how to utilize status updates, blog posts, comments on external websites, and social media to boost your website’s search rankings.

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