Since we added API’s e-newsletter, we’ve grown more than $50 million annually for each of the last four years.... Many of our clients left other firms and brought assets to us based on reading the e-newsletter over a one- or two-year period. They tell us it’s a major reason why they moved. Any firm not leveraging this tool is missing out on potential growth.

- Michael Stark, American Financial Advisors

The best, easiest way to get information out to your clients on the Web.

- David J. Drucker, Virtual Office News

We reduced operational costs with API’s newsletter and web service. API is one of our most rewarding professional relationships.

- Tom Connelly, Versant Capital Management, Inc.

I’ve “recovered” the price already — just as a result of the positive response I’ve gotten from my clients, and from the new business that it generated.

- Timothy M. Hayes, Landmark Financial Advisory Services, LLC.

You guys are the first marketing firm that we’ve worked with over the past five years that we’ve not complained and moaned about during the entire process.

- Clark Blackman, Alpha Wealth Strategies

The brochure gives us a head and shoulders advantage over our competition.

- Robert Vance, Vance Capital Management

Our site brings in new clients. We value API.

- Louis Stanasolovich, Legend Financial Advisors Inc.

We had a great experience and would highly recommend your services.

- Marshall Financial Services

Both our website and brochure turned out very nice and we are extremely proud of the products that are now our “calling cards” for Reby Advisors.

- Beth Campbell, Reby Advisors

I truly love you guys...you pretty much made this part of my job SUPER easy!!! I was nervous that this was going to be a nightmare because I'm not an IT expert, so thank you for making it simple and easy to use!

- Jane Marie Roberts, IWMI Wealth Advisors

It was a big advantage using a company that understood my business. I had no idea that there was so much to building a web site. I learned a lot.

- Robert Bleeck, Bleeck Financial Management, Inc.

Advisor Vault has given us a quick and easy way to manage our client data. The back office support has been superb in solving any problems that arise.

- Matthew A. Thury, Allen Capital Group, LLC

I use the Client Vault for all confidential documents that I want to transmit to my clients. It has been beneficial to my practice and my clients appreciate the service.

- Debra A. Neiman, Neiman & Associates Financial Services, LLC

Advisor Products was able to accurately capture our firm's brand and identity, effectively conveying that message to our clients and prospects in words and images. Their team of marketing domain experts understand the advisory business and combine their years of experience with the highest standards of quality and professionalism. The value they delivered for our firm helped us to differentiate our firm from our competitors.

- Name withheld at request of advisor


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