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Upcoming Webinars

To register for webinars, view webinar replays 24/7,  and get CFP and IMCA CE credit 24/7, please join Advisors4Advisors for $60 a year

Replay Past Webinars

DateTitlePresenterCompanyView ReplayCE Credit
1/11/2013 How Can An RIA Profitably Offer SRI Portfolios Steven SchuethFirst Affirmative Financial Network
1/8/2013 Monthly Economic Update And Investment Outlook for January 2013 Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
12/14/2012 Policies Combining Life Insurance With Long-Term Care Insurance: The Good And Bad John RyanFinaMetrica
12/11/2012 Monthly Economic Update And Investment Outlook From Fritz Meyer For December 2012 Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
12/7/2012 10 Common Questions About Taxation Now Robert S. Keebler Keebler & Associates, LLP.
11/30/2012 Assessing Your Clients' Tolerance For Investment Risk Geoff DaveyFinaMetrica
11/19/2012 Keebler’s Top 10 IRA Strategies Update & Drawdown Techniques Robert S. KeeblerKeebler & Associates, LLP.
11/13/2012 Monthly Economic Update And Investment Outlook From Fritz Meyer For November 2012 Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
11/9/2012 Portfolio Design, Asset-Class Performance And Correlations And Rebalancing Craig IsraelsenThe 7Twelve Portfolio
10/26/2012 Three Requirements For Advisors To Make Money And Technology To Support It Rodney BrimPerformance Solutions Technology, LLC
10/19/2012 Rebalancing Software For RIAs: Vendors, Benefits & Capabilities Reid Stonehttp://www.advisoryquest.com/index.html
10/12/2012 Trust Topics And Trends For Financial Advisors Gideon RothschildMOSES & SINGER LLP
10/9/2012 Monthly Economic Update And Investment Outlook From Fritz Meyer For October 2012 Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
10/5/2012 3Q Tax Developments & Securities Transactions Robert S. Keebler Keebler & Associates, LLP.
9/28/2012 RIA Compensation Models In An Era Of Fee Compression Advisor Panel
9/21/2012 Enter Into Social Media Marketing With Confidence Chris WinnAdvisorAssist
9/14/2012 Retirement Income With Systematic Withdrawals And Immediate Annuities Wade Pfau
9/11/2012 Monthly Economic Update And Investment Outlook From Fritz Meyer For September 2012 Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
9/7/2012 Year End Income Tax Planning Robert S. Keebler Robert S. Keebler
8/14/2012 Monthly Economic Update And Investment Outlook From Fritz Meyer For August 2012 Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
8/3/2012 Understanding The 3.8% Excise Tax Robert S. Keebler Keebler & Associates, LLP.
7/27/2012 How An RIA Garnered $110 Million AUM In Two Years Using Mindmaps Robert K. O'Dell Wheaton Wealth Partners
7/13/2012 How Can Fiduciaries Protect Clients From Overpaying For Life Insurance? Barry FlaggVeralytic Inc.
7/10/2012 Monthly Economic Update And Investment Outlook From Fritz Meyer For July 2012 Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
7/6/2012 Tax Rules Affecting Advisor Clients Under “Obama-Care” Plus A Charitable Planning Update Robert S. Keebler Keebler & Associates, LLP.
6/29/2012 Where Has The Financial Advice Profession Gone Wrong? Ric Edelman Edelman Financial Services
6/22/2012 Tax Strategies For Business Owners Robert S. Keebler Keebler & Associates, LLP.
6/15/2012 Indexing Approach Generated Excess Annual Return Of 3%; How To Use Income ETFs In Goal Planning Anthony Davidow Guggenheim Investments
6/8/2012 Panic Protection: Fritz Meyer’s Monthly Economic Update For June 2012 Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
6/1/2012 The Answer For Today’s RIAs Is Active Management, Says Successful RIA-Owner Ken Solow Ken Solow Pinnacle Advisory Group, Inc.
5/18/2012 The Rise And Fall Of The 4% Withdrawal Rate Rule On Retirement Portfolios Wade Pfau Retirement Income Industry Association
5/11/2012 Taxation Of Securities Transactions Robert S. Keebler Keebler & Associates, LLP.
5/8/2012 Monthly Economic Update And Investment Outlook From Fritz Meyer For May 2012 Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
5/4/2012 How Do Financial Advisors Compete In A World In Which Megatrends Can Make Your Head Explode? Dennis StearnsStearns Financial Services Group
4/27/2012 Candidate For President Of The United States, Economist Laurence Kotlikoff Laurence Kotlikoff Americans Elect Party
4/20/2012 Practical Tips For RIAs To Move To The Cloud Compliantly Christopher WinnAdvisorAssist, LLC
4/13/2012 Minimizing Taxation Of Incentive Stock Options And Non-Qualified Stock Options Robert S. Keebler Keebler & Associates, LLP.
4/10/2012 Monthly Economic Update And Investment Outlook From Fritz Meyer For April 2012 Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
3/30/2012 Cloud Computing For RIAs: Compliance Tips And Practical Considerations When Moving Client Records Christopher WinnAdvisorAssist, LLC
3/23/2012 Gresham's Model For A Healthy Relationship With Money Dr. Mary Gresham www.doctorgresham.com
3/16/2012 Time Management For Investment Advisors Doug Carter Carter International Training & Development Company, Inc.
3/13/2012 Monthly Economic Update And Investment Outlook From Fritz Meyer For March 2012 Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
3/9/2012 Tax And Asset Protection Strategies For Doctors, Lawyers And Other Professionals Robert S. Keebler Keebler & Associates, LLP.
3/2/2012 The Retirement Income Industry Association And RMA Designation: What Does It Mean To Financial Advice Professionals? Francois GadenneRetirement Income Industry Association
2/24/2012 Awareness, Stickiness And Leads: How RIAs Can Use Social Media Compliantly Christopher WinnAdvisorAssist, LLC
2/17/2012 Rigged Money: Asset Classes Now Overlap And Their Diversification Is A Myth Lee Munson Portfolio LLC
2/14/2012 Monthly Economic Update And Investment Outlook From Fritz Meyer For February 2012 Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
2/10/2012 Assessing Major Risks To Retirement Plans Doug Carey http://mywealthtrace.com
2/3/2012 Income & Estate Tax Strategies For The Year Robert S. Keebler Keebler & Associates, LLP.
1/27/2012 How Wealth Managers Can Use Social Media To Boost Search Engine Rankings CaroleAnne Hardy Advisor Products, Inc.
1/20/2012 Life Settlements: Understanding The Process, Avoiding The Pitfalls Glenn Daily Fee-Only Insurance Consulting
1/13/2012 The 2012 401(k) Opportunity For Advisors: What's Changed, Why Now Apollo Lupescu Dimensional Fund Advisors
1/10/2012 Monthly Economic Update And Investment Outlook From Fritz Meyer For January 2011 Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
1/6/2012 2012 Compliance Priorities For RIAs Christopher WinnAdvisorAssist, LLC
12/13/2011 Monthly Economic Update And Investment Outlook From Fritz Meyer For December 2011 Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
12/9/2011 Best Practices In Document Management Jon ClarkCabinet NG
12/2/2011 Increasing Credibility With Clients Doug Carter Carter International Training & Development Company, Inc.
11/18/2011 Monitoring And Managing Retirement Income Portfolios Professionally Jack Sharry LifeYield, LLC.
11/8/2011 Monthly Economic Update And Investment Outlook From Fritz Meyer For November 2011 Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
11/1/2011 Adding Clients And Streamlining Processes In 2012 John Anderson SEI Advisor Network.
10/28/2011 Year-End Tax Planning For Financial Advisors Robert S. Keebler Keebler & Associates, LLP.
10/21/2011 Delivering And Monetizing Financial Advice Online Kevin Condon myfinancialadvice.com
10/14/2011 A New Credential For Investment Fiduciaries From A Founding Father Of The Fiduciary Movement Don Trone3Ethos
10/11/2011 Fritz Meyer's Economic Update And Investment Outlook For October 2011 Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
10/7/2011 Establishing Hiring Practices At Advisory Firms Andrea SchlapiaIronstone Communicatgions, Inc.
9/23/2011 Scott Martin On How To Use Google Analytics To See How Your Website Is Helping You Scott Martin Advisors4Advisors
9/16/2011 Letting Prospects Sell Themselves Doug CarterCarter International Training & Development Company, Inc.
9/15/2011 Target Date Funds Have Lost Their Luster. What Should Fiduciaries Do? Ronald J. SurzAdvisors4Advisors
9/13/2011 September 2011 Economy Update From Fritz Meyer Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
9/9/2011 Introduction To Tax-Efficient Investing (Part 1) Robert S. KeeblerKeebler & Associates, LLP.
8/12/2011 The Switch Is On Again For RIAs Tammy EmsickRIA Compliance Consultants, Inc.
8/9/2011 August 2011 Economy Update From Fritz Meyer Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
8/5/2011 Study: Long-Term Bond Fund Investors Perform Better Than Expected In A Period Of Rising Rates Andrew D. Martin7Twelve Advisors, LLC
7/29/2011 Harold Evensky On What’s New In Wealth Management Harold EvenskyEvensky & Katz
7/22/2011 Should FINRA Be The SRO For RIAs? David T. Bellaire, Esq.
Dale Brown
Financial Services Institute
7/12/2011 July 2011 Fritz Meyer Economy Update Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
7/8/2011 How Advisors Can Use Niches In Marketing Josh PatrickStage 2 Business Solutions No Replay Available
6/17/2011 Estate And Financial Planning Client Intake: A Streamlined Values-Based Approach Mark ColganPlan Your Legacy, LLC
6/10/2011 An Updated Approach To Goal-Driven Investing Andrew Rudd Advisor Software Inc.
6/7/2011 June 2011 Economy Update From Fritz Meyer Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
6/3/2011 How Financial Advisors Can Create Video Demos Marketing Their Services Daniel Parkdappertext LLC
5/20/2011 Oil, Gold, And Portfolio Design Praveen GhantaHiddenLevers
5/13/2011 Crucial Concepts In Prudent Asset Allocation Ron SurzPPCA Inc.
5/10/2011 May 2011 Economy Update From Fritz Meyer Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
5/6/2011 Don't Get Sued When Going Independent Scott MatasarCalfee, Halter & Griswold LLP
4/29/2011 Operational Technology Tips For Advisors Brian EdelmanFinancial Computer Services
4/15/2011 April 2011 Economy Update With Fritz Meyer Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
4/8/2011 Building a Better Balanced Portfolio Craig Israelsen, Ph.D.7Twelve Portfolio
4/1/2011 Crucial Considerations Before Leaving A Wirehouse Ryan ShanksFinetooth Consulting
3/25/2011 Industry Trends Affecting RIAs Julie CoolingRIA Database
3/18/2011 Japan's Disaster, Saudi Revolution, And Other Scenarios: Forecasting Their Effects On Portfolios Raj UdeshiHiddenLevers
3/11/2011 Employment Law & Social Media: What Advisory Firm Owners Need To Know Carmelo Grimaldi Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein & Breitstone, LLP
3/4/2011 10 Tax-Efficient Strategies For Advisors To High-Net-Worth Investors Robert KeeblerKeebler and Associates, LLP
2/25/2011 Success Factors Driving Top Advisory Firms Stephanie BoganQuantuvis Consulting
2/18/2011 Modern Portfolio Theory Is Alive And Well And Here's How To Use It Right Now Fritz MeyerFritz Meyer POV
2/11/2011 The History Of Manager Due Diligence And Where We Went Wrong Ron SurzPPCA Inc.
2/4/2011 Helping Business Owners Plan Their Exit Strategy Josh PatrickStage 2 Business Solutions
1/28/2011 New Law Means Advisors Must Battle Client Indifference To Estate Planning Randy FoxInKnowVision, LLC
1/21/2011 Generating Referrals Perpetually Julie Littlechild
Stephen Wershing, CFP
Advisor Impact
The Client Driven Practice
1/14/2011 How Financial Advisors Can Optimize For Local Listings In Search Engines Alicia FalconeAdvisor Products Inc.
1/7/2011 The Death Of Buy & Hold Has Been Greatly Exaggerated Rick FerriPortfolio Solutions LLC
12/17/2010 2011 Compliance Planning Bryan Hill
Chris Winn
RIA Compliance Consultants
12/10/2010 Transform Your 401(k) Advice Business Ryan AlfredBrightScope Inc.
12/3/2010 Key State Securities Chiefs To Speak About Regulatory Overhaul Of RIAs Linda Cena, Michael Huggs, and Andrea SeidtNASAA
11/19/2010 The Sky Isn't The Limit, You Are! Creating New Habits For 2011 Bob DaviesHigh Performance Training Inc.
11/12/2010 The New Form ADV Part 2 Bryan Hill and Tammy EmsickRIA Compliance Consultants
11/5/2010 Art And Collectibles Planning For High-Net-Worth Families Randy Fox InKnowVision, LLC
10/29/2010 An Advisor’s Personal Story Of Loss And How It Inspired A New Approach To Estate Planning Mark ColganPlan Your Legacy, LLC
10/22/2010 Asset Protection Using Domestic Trusts Gideon RothschildMoses & Singer LLP
10/15/2010 Improve Returns With Liquid Alternative Investments Vern SumnichtiSectors LLC
10/8/2010 Creating Financial Plans Based On Economic Scenarios Mark KritzmanWindham Global Solutions
10/1/2010 Year-End Tax Moves For 2010 Sheryl RowlingTotal Rebalance Expert
9/24/2010 Managing Email Overload: Tips From An Email Best-Practices Consultant Tom GibsonSlipstream Advantage Group
9/16/2010 Cost-Effective Rebalancing To Improve After-Tax Returns & Client Satisfaction Sheryl RowlingTotal Rebalance Expert
9/9/2010 Sin Stocks May Be A Blessing In A Difficult Market K.C. Ma, Ph.D.
Jeff Middleswart
Vice Fund No Replay Available
8/27/2010 Rise Up From The Financial Crisis & Reclaim Your Power! Susan Bagyura"The Visionary Leader"
8/20/2010 The 10-Year Exit Plan: Controlling Your Future David Grau, Sr.FP Transitions
8/19/2010 Portfolio Accounting & Performance Reporting Using BOSS—A PortfolioCenter Service Bureau Michael KellyBack Office Support Service
8/13/2010 Continuity Planning For Advisors Chris WinnAdvisor Assist
8/6/2010 Collaborating With Estate Planning Attorneys Rick RandallNational Network of Estate Planning Attorneys
7/30/2010 Lock In Loyalty And Build Your Business with Continuous Client Service John AndersonSEI Advisor Network
7/23/2010 What Is Your Firm Really Worth? Mark Hurley Shares The Ugly Truth Mark HurleyFiduciary Network LLC
7/16/2010 Time Management For Advisors Diane MacPheeDMAC Consulting Services
7/15/2010 A Low-Cost Portfolio Reporting Solution For Independent Advisors Rob MajorAssetBook
7/9/2010 Compliant Social Media Marketing For Advisors Andrew Gluck
Chris Winn
6/25/2010 Conducting 401(k) Vendor Searches For Small Plan Sponsors Charles EpsteinThe 401k Coach Program
6/18/2010 Data Security Product Recommendations Brian EdelmanFinancial Computer Services
6/17/2010 Setting Up A New Advisory Firm Bill WinterbergFP Pad
6/11/2010 Roth IRA: Beyond The Basics Bob KeeblerBaker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP
6/4/2010 Appointing A Trust Protector To Improve Estate Plans Rick RandallNational Network of Estate Planning Attorneys
5/21/2010 Successful Marketing For Financial Advisors John AndersonSEI Advisor Network
5/20/2010 Financial Planning Outsourcing To Deepen Client Relationships Kristen M. JankowskiFinancial Planning Outsource Services LLC
5/14/2010 Deeper Client Connections Through The Power Of Story Scott FarnsworthSunbridge Legacy Network
5/7/2010 Financial Services Reform Update Duane ThompsonPotomac Strategies LLC
4/30/2010 Four Problems Plaguing Advisors And The Solutions Diane MacPheeDMAC Consulting Services
4/23/2010 Trends In Family Offices And Multi-Family Offices Bob CaseyThe Family Wealth Alliance
4/16/2010 Advisor Compliance Update Chris WinnAdvisor Assist
4/15/2010 Document Management For New RIAs Joanne DayTrumpet Inc.
4/9/2010 Managing Portfolio Risk With Stock Collars Thomas SchwabSummit Portfolio Advisors, LLC
4/2/2010 Secure Solutions To Protect Clients & Advisors From New Privacy Laws Brian EdelmanFinancial Computer Services
3/26/2010 Eight Strategic Steps To Grow Your Advisory Firm George TamerTD AMERITRADE Institutional
3/19/2010 How To Talk To Clients In A Post-Crisis World Mitch AnthonyAdvisor Insights Inc.
3/18/2010 Setting Up Technology Systems At A New RIA Brian EdelmanFinancial Computer Services
3/12/2010 Social Network Investing And Financial Advisors Rikki Tahta
Eric Esterkin
3/5/2010 Tactical Asset Allocation In A Secular Bear Market Kenneth Solow
Rick Vollaro
Pinnacle Advisory Group
2/26/2010 New Opportunities For Advisors In 401(k)s Charles EpsteinThe 401k Coach Program
2/19/2010 ETFs: The Good, Bad, And Misunderstood Gary GastineauETF Consultants
2/18/2010 Peformance Reporting For New RIAs Randy Lambert
Bill Wostoupal
Orion Advisor Services
2/12/2010 A Roundup Of Leading Advisor CRM Systems Blane WarreneQuonWarrene
2/5/2010 Roth IRA Conversion Techniques Bob KeeblerBaker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP
1/29/2010 The New Estate Planning Landscape Rick RandallNational Network of Estate Planning Attorneys
1/22/2010 What's New At Schwab Performance Technologies? Michael WilliamsSchwab Performance Technologies
1/21/2010 Evaluating RIA Business Models Chris WinnAdvisor Assist
1/15/2010 Precious Metals: Can The Rally Continue? William RhindETF Securities Ltd.
1/8/2010 The 401(k) Upheaval And How It Affects Advisors Mary RowlandAdvisors4Advisors
12/18/2009 Sizing Up Performance Reporting Outsourcing Solutions Michael LoboscoAdvent Software Inc
12/17/2009 Marketing And Compliance Essentials For A New RIA Andrew Gluck
Chris Winn
Advisor Products
Advisor Assist
12/11/2009 Seizing The Roth IRA Opportunity With Clients And Prospects Ben NorquistConvergent Retirement Plan Solutions, LLC
12/4/2009 Secure Hardware For Advisors John Jefferies
Pam Seale
Joni Clark
Ironkey Inc
Absolute Software Corporation
Seagate Technology LLC
11/20/2009 Privacy Law, Data Security And Financial Advisors Brendon TavelliProskauer Rose LLP
11/19/2009 Roadmap To Independence Andrew Gluck
Blane Warrene
Chris Winn
Advisor Products
Quon Warrene
Advisor Assist
11/13/2009 Going Paperless 2.0 Joanne DayTrumpet, Inc
11/6/2009 Embedding Processes In Your CRM Blane WarreneAdvisors4Advisors
10/30/2009 2010 Compliance Planning For RIAs Chris WinnAdvisorAssist
10/23/2009 Using Client Feedback To Drive Referrals Julie LittlechildAdvisor Impact
10/16/2009 2010 Business Planning Scott CohenFocus Partners, LLC
10/14/2009 Compliance, Operations, And Marketing For Advisors Going Independent Andrew Gluck
Blane Warrene
Chris Winn
Advisor Products
Quon Warrene
Advisor Assist
10/9/2009 One Year After The Global Financial Crisis: What Happened and What's Ahead Don Phillips
Fran Kinniry
Morningstar, Inc
The Vanguard Group
10/2/2009 A New Model For Life Planning Carol AndersonMoney Quotient
9/25/2009 Researching Your Prospects On The Web Sam RichterActiFi, Inc.
9/18/2009 Regulatory Reform: Will You Be A Fiduciary? Blaine AikinFiduciary360, LLC
9/11/2009 Navigating The Maze Of Exchange-Traded Products Rick FerriPortfolio Solutions LLC
8/28/2009 Advisor Self-Care: A Primer And Check-up Ed Jacobson, Ph.D.Edward A. Jacobson Associates
8/21/2009 Aligning Service Levels With Your Client Base Scott CohenFocus Partners, LLC
8/14/2009 Serving Middle Income Clients Kevin CondonMyFinancialAdvice, Inc.
8/7/2009 Actively Managing An ETF Portfolio Robert SteinAstor Financial LLC
7/31/2009 Leveraging Technology In Your Firm Dan SkilesShareholders Service Group
7/24/2009 Best Sites For Financial Advisors Andrew GluckAdvisor Products
7/17/2009 Preparing For The Worst: Managing Your Clients In A Bear Market Frederic Luskin, Ph.D.
Rick Aberman, Ph.D.
Art DeLorenzo
Maximize Your Talent Group LLC
7/10/2009 Crucial Financial Conversations With Clients David MaxfieldVitalSmarts
6/26/2009 What To Tell Investors Now: Speaking With Clients And Prospects About The Bear Market Max BolkaMaxBolka.com
6/19/2009 Mission Possible: The Link Between Operational Efficiency And Human Capital Mark TibergienPershing Advisor Solutions, LLC
6/12/2009 Restoring Investor Confidence Brian StimpflTD AMERITRADE Institutional
6/5/2009 Advisors Using Social Networking Successfully Richard J. Krasney
Bill Winterberg
RJK Wealth Management, LLC
FP Pad
5/29/2009 Advanced Marketing For Advisors Andrew GluckAdvisor Products
5/22/2009 Life Planning And The Financial Crisis George KinderKinder Institute of Life Planning
5/15/2009 Investment Tax Management: Turn Clients' Biggest Expense Into An Opportunity Dean MioliSEI Advisor Network
5/8/2009 Twitter For Advisors Andrew GluckAdvisor Products
5/1/2009 Using LinkedIn To Attract New Clients John ComerComer Consulting
4/24/2009 Increasing Operational Efficiency Peter Kaplan
Bruce Moulton
Financial Productivity Group
Moulton Strategic Partners
4/17/2009 Google AdWords For Advisors Howie JacobsonAdWords For Dummies
4/10/2009 After The Fall: Asset Allocation And Rebalancing Craig Israelsen, Ph.D.7Twelve Portfolio
4/3/2009 Compliance Issues Posed By LinkedIn, Blogs, And Social Networking Brian HamburgerMarketCounsel
3/27/2009 Hand-Picking Prospects Using LinkedIn® John ComerComer Consulting LLC
3/20/2009 Client Retention And Growth In Tough Times Jerry LezynskiSEI Investments
3/13/2009 How To Perform Due Diligence On Alternative Investments And Provide Transparency To Your Clients Jason ScharfmanCorgentum Consulting, LLC
3/6/2009 Overwhelmed By The Crisis? How To Manage Yourself And Your Clients Sharon HooverCoachingWorks
2/27/2009 Asset Protection Planning Gideon RothschildMoses & Singer, LLP
2/20/2009 Mutual Funds Are Bought, Not Sold: Winning In An Investor-Centric World Don PhillipsMorningstar, Inc
2/13/2009 Advanced Research Techniques For Advisors Sam RichterActiFi, Inc.
2/6/2009 Systematically Address Financial Personality To Remake Your Firm Amid The Crisis Hugh MassieFinancial DNA Resources
1/30/2009 What Clients Expect From Advisors: Findings From A Client Advisory Board Facilitator Bruce PetersCABHQ
1/23/2009 Investing In ETFs During The Crisis Kevin MahnSmartGrowth Mutual Funds
1/16/2009 10 Steps To Recover From The Market Cataclysm Mark TibergienPershing Advisor Solutions, LLC
1/9/2009 Capitalizing On Financial Planning Opportunities Linda Strachan
Scott Farnsworth
Sunbridge Legacy Network
12/12/2008 Rational Expectations In Uncertain Markets Fran KinniryThe Vanguard Group
12/5/2008 Opportunity And Risk In Fixed Income Securities Michael McGonigleT. Rowe Price Group, Inc.
11/21/2008 Client Communications And Financial Planning Amid Economic Uncertainty David Lawrence
Bob Curtis
The Efficient Practice, LLC
PIE Technologies
11/14/2008 Understanding The Global Crisis And How It Affects Financial Planning David Loeper
Tom Connelly
Financeware, Inc.
Versant Capital Management
11/7/2008 Two Experts On Investing Now: Cautious And Optimistic William Bengen
Gregory Brousseau
Author and Financial Planner
Central Park Group, LLC
10/31/2008 Growing Your Practice And Managing Portfolios In Turbulent Times Michael Kitces
Frank Maselli
Pinnacle Advisory Group
The Frank Maselli Company
No Replay Available
10/17/2008 Communicating And Winning New Business In A Challenging Time Bob Veres
Spencer Segal
Inside Information
ActiFi, Inc.
10/10/2008 Communicating With Clients And Prospects During The Financial Crisis Andrew Gluck
Bruce Schneider
Duncan MacPherson
Advisor Products, Inc.
iPEC Coaching
Pareto Systems
No Replay Available


What is the Financial Advisor Webinar Series?

The Financial Advisor Webinar Series is a free one-hour weekly webinar presentation that addresses key issues affecting financial advisors and financial planners. Sessions are every Friday at 4pm Eastern Time. Advisor Products began hosting the Financial Advisor Webinar Series in October 2008 as a way to support the financial advisor community during a difficult juncture for the industry. Our webinars address investing, business management, marketing, client communication, and social networking topics for advisors.

Is there a cost to attending the financial advisor online seminars?
If you are an Advisors4Advisors.com member there is no additional fee to attend the webinars. Otherwise you can subscribe to Advisors4Advisors at Advisors4Advisors.com/join.
How can I receive continuing education credit for attending live sessions of the Financial Advisor Webinar Series?
If you are a CFP® licensee, registered with the U.S. CFP Board of Standards, your only need to register and attend the webinar, and enter your CFP Board ID number in the post-webinar survey. We will submit the attendee list electronically to the CFP Board. To receive CE credit from the Investment Management Consultants AssociationSM (IMCA®), you must attend an eligible webinar and mail or fax to IMCA its CE Form.
If I did not complete the post-webinar survey at the end of the live webinar session, how do I receive CFP CE credit?
If you attended a CE-eligible live webinar session for at least 50 minutes, but did not complete the post-webinar survey, please email webinars@advisorproducts.com with the date of the webinar, your full name as registered with the CFP Board of Standards, and your CFP ID number. Upon verifying your attendance, we add your information to the attendee list and submit it to the CFP Board for processing.
Can non-CFPs receive continuing education credit for attending live sessions of the Financial Advisor Webinar Series?
Currently, we are pre-approving certain webinars for credit with the CFP Board of Standards and the Investment Management Consultants Association SM. We can only process continuing education credit on your behalf from the CFP Board of Standards. For IMCA credit, you'll need to complete and submit this form to IMCA. If you would like credit from other organizations, you can use the "Thank You for Attending" email to pursue credit on your own. This email is sent out shortly after each webinar. Presenting this email, along with the presentation slides, is often sufficient to receive credit from other accrediting organizations.
How can I receive continuing education credit for viewing on-demand replays of the Financial Advisor Webinar Series?
CE credit for webinar replays is only available on Advisors4Advisors.com. CFP®s can receive credit after viewing a replay, passing a brief quiz, and self-reporting the results to the CFP Board (www.cfp.net). Certified Investment Management AnalystsSM (CIMA®), Certified Private Wealth AdvisorsSM (CPWA®) and Certified Investment Management ConsultantsSM (CIMC®) will need to fax the CE Submittal Form to IMCA® after viewing each eligible webinar.
Can non-CFP®s receive continuing education credit for viewing on-demand replays of the Financial Advisor Webinar Series?
Yes. Many of our webinar replays are approved for CFP and IMCA continuing education credit. However, advisors with other accreditations may also be able to receive credit. Registered ParaplannersSM and Certified Wealth Strategists® receive credit for many of our webinars. CPAs and other professionals may be able to provide the webinar description and slides to an accrediting organization to receive CE credit.
Do I have to attend for the full hour in order to receive continuing education credit?
You must attend at least 50 minutes of the one-hour webinar, in order to receive CE credit.
How can I obtain the CE letters for all the replays that I’ve previously viewed?
On Advisors4Advisors.com (subscribers only), you can obtain letters for all credit-eligible webinar replays you've watched in entirety by visiting the "CE Credit" tab of your A4A profile.
Can I suggest a topic or speaker?
To suggest a topic or speaker, please email agluck@advisorproducts.com.
Can I rate or give feedback on these webinars?
Yes, we would love to have your feedback. Please add your comments and ratings on Advisors4Advisors.