Negative Rates May Expand Market’s Multiple

The big news from economist Fritz Meyer's CE webinar on Advisors4Advisors on September 10, was his analysis of how negative rates in Germany are driving down bond yields in the U.S. 

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Tectonic Shift

Negative interest rates in Europe are a new and unprecedented financial economic condition advisors must suddenly navigate. 

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Fritz Meyer Special Report On Global Demographics


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Stocks Plunged 3% Today; Here's What We Did

Stocks plunged 3% today, Monday, Aug. 5, 2019. What did your website vendor do for you? 

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If retail sales grow and no one sees it, it still causes a boom!

If retail sales climb skyward and no one sees, it still causes a boom. Like the proverbial tree no one sees falling in a forest, the growth in retail sales has a real impact -- after inflation.

Fritz Meyer had a hunch that something did not add up. Retail sales releases month after month have been okay, but based on decades of experience, Fritz knows that inflation often masks real activity. So he built a spreadsheet adjusting for inflation the Census Bureau's retail sales data releases. It revealed a story that the financial press month after month have been missing. Fritz stepped me through his analysis last Friday. As always, he summarized it in a chart.  

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