Amid Economic Growth and Record High Stock Prices, A Warning


The S&P 500 has broken record highs repeatedly for months, and profits expectations are smashing for 2017, 2018, and 2019, but William C. Dudley, vice-chair of the Federal Open Market Committee at the U.S. Federal Reserve and CEO of the New York District, in a speech in New York City last week, said the country's current fiscal course is unsustainable.  

Now is the time to tell your clients and community what's ahead in 2018 by leveraging our 30-slide scripted presentation by Fritz Meyer and Andy Gluck  As always, the quarterly analysis is submitted to FINRA within 10 days, but is available now. This quarter's message is important. Here's what's happening, according to independent economist Fritz Meyer, who continuing professional education classes are available 24/7 on Adviors4Advisors. 

Amid perhaps the best economic conditions in modern U.S. history, how do you temper optimism and advocate a sustainable strategy? Cautioning your clients and commnunity that the new tax Act poses risk to the nation's creditworthiness is only prudent, especially when the warning originated with the No. 2 interest-rate policymaker at the Fed, and laying the groundwork supporting a long-term investment plan happens to be good for you as well as your clients. 

Recording this 30-slide presentation will take about 20 minutes, but plan to read the script aloud to practice for 30 minutes. Otherwise you risk sounding like you're reading it. Tutorials are available showing how to record your narration and post it to your YouTube channel. (Request a demo.)

In addition, the weekly video is automatically updated in widgets on your website and email newsletter. That's serious marketing automatiion and saves you more than a week of work annually. You are unlikely to do this on your own. It is extreme customization but it is ultimately the content drives it. A community of real financial professioals coalesced around Fritz, Bob, and Craig empowers you to let the facts speak, with or without adding your own touch. 

Sole practitioners or multi-advisor RIAs must provide content in different formats. One client likes videos and another likes to read. Everyone learns differently. Plus, some ways of sending content may seem easy to you and others not so much. You may want to post a video every week using our professional news reader's voiceove, but you may also want to preserve the option narrate our videos when the market drops 15%. You want the flexibility. If you use that feature once a year, it pays for itself. The mainstream financial media's coverage is not high quality analysis compared Fritz, Bob, and Craig's ognoing observations of investment and financial planning. It's sharing real knowledge versus CNN, CNBC,  FOX Business News and myopic mainstream media. This is not just content marketing. It's a way of life.  

A full range of sharing activities -- email, social, blogs, YouTube and an integrated client vault --enable you to share facts and analysis gathered by Fritz, Bob and Craig. If you have a content marketing plan, the platform can be set up to match your needs. It is more than likely that you do not know what to do and then you can simply use our monthly content calendar, which is our recommended settings for FAME 3, our complete content marketing solution. 

Screen shots of the quarterly analysis are set to upbeat music but the message is serious. One-minute video.     

Bob Keebler, Fritz Meyer, and Craig Israelsen's monthly classes on Advisors4Advisors are the foundation of articles, scripts, and tweets as well as videos like this quarterly analysis.  Bob, Fritz, and Craig's knowledge base is shared with with financial professionals on A4A. That information is also distributed in a news stream for consumers by Advisor Products.

You can share Fritz, Craig and Bob's charts and scripts with your social networks using the Advisor Products Marketing Dashboard. It's a single log-in for managing a multi-professional firm's e-newsletters, blog posts, tweets, lead generation campaigns, and other external communications. It's also well suited for sole practitioners.   

If you have no tech skills, we recommend using our default monthly content calendar, which sends a weekly investment update by email and a tax planning email newsletter once a month as well as tweets, and other alerts about wealth management. Your website site is updated with a new lead-generation video every week. Tweets, animated GIFs, and three one-hour presentations also can be shared by you when you have the time.  

If you want to educate consumers about low-expense investing, financial planning and tax sensitive assets management, this is a complete program. If you're on a budget, a range of other content packages are available. There is nothing like it.

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