Attendees Comment On Roth IRA Conversion Webinar

While we normally average a 4.2 rating from attendees, last week’s session of the Financial Advisor Webinar Series received a 4.4.

The session offered ideas about how to advise clients on Roth IRA opportunities. While entitled, Seizing The Roth IRA Opportunity,” it was not so much about jumping on the marketing bandwagon for Roth IRA conversion as it was about the complexity of the conversion decision.

Featured presenter Ben Norquist of
Convergent Retirement Plan Solutions illustrated the dynamics of the conversion decision using a tool he recently launched, the Roth IRA Conversion Optimizer.

Here are the unabridged comments attendees provided us in the exit survey:

· It was one of the best Roth seminars I have attended.

· Excellent! Very informative!

· Very timely and quite interesting.

· Very helpful! Can I get CPE credit as a CPA?

· Add a few interactive surveys -- keep folks more involved by polling them and showing results.

· Great timely and informative webinar. Keep it up.

· I liked the webinar as well as the explanation of the software tool for conversions. I have doing conversions for a couple of years for clients under the $100K and plan to do more in 2010. I have looked at other software and like the ease of use with this.

· Excellent timely information

· Excellent topic and presentation!

· I think it is exactly what I have been looking for

· Nothing to improve. Good presentation.

· Great stuff. Very timely.

· Very informative

· Ending the session on time would be helpful. The idea of taking questions and putting in a blog is a good one.

· It was great.

· Very informative, good presentation of potentially useful tool for Roth optimization

· Putting aside the fact that this was basically a product pitch, the presentation was very well done, and raised at least a couple of points not covered in the three other seminars I've attended on Roth conversions. Well worth the time spent. Thank you.

· I thought this was great(timely and informative)! Thank you.

· Very good presentation.

· Very informative. Great information!

· Very good content.

· Very helpful information well presented. Thanks!

· Well done

· There was a lot of information that was condensed into such a short time. I would love an 'advanced' session to deal with some more specific situations!

· Very effective - Very helpful

· Good job! Ben did terrific job in putting some structure around the issue

· This was a great one! The technology was good (though I have trouble getting enough volume to my ears). I'm a FA and CPA and the topic is near and dear to me. I've been unsatisfied with most other webinar presentations on this topic because they haven't really gone deep into the variables. This one did and I enjoyed it.

· Good information. Lost me a couple of times during the software presentation.

· I thought it was good.

· Very good. Kind of hard to see the details on the software package –

· Lots of moving parts in this decision. Might consider doing this again.

· Very informative. Great Roth calculator

· Let people know at an hour if they can get off or not.

· superb demo of the software and good description of the elements involved when analyzing conversions.

· More time should have been spent in explaining the details of the so call leverage computations... Assumptions were not clear.

· Good content. Need to keep within allotted time due to advisor scheduling

· It would have been more helpful if you presented more than one vendor solution to compare features. CCH has developed a program with Bob Keebler. I don't know if you've taken a look at that or not but Bob has been a guru in the IRA arena for many years.

· It was great and very informative. No suggestions.

· Helpful

· Excellent......Relative and Timely

· Set a certain amount of time for questions.

· Great information.

· Well done.

· This was very helpful and well presented

· Very good

· Could have had more on examples on Roth conversions and less in the end on the software program.

· It was pretty good, I guess I am a little hung up on the price, and it would have been good to have more explanation of what you get for the $1495 if there is more than just the Roth modeling software.

· Please end on time.

· It was okay. Very basic information regarding Roth IRA conversions.

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