Introducing Harvey Rand

One of the many big mistakes I made in building the Advisor Products and Advisors4Advisors empire was in sales.  I have no regrets but I was a terrible salesman because I said exactly what I thought and would often tell advisors they did not know what they were talking about when it came to marketing and technology. I was correct but totally wrong for saying this and it was really bad for sales.

Thankfully, Harvey Rand started working full-time in sales a year ago. Like everything we do, it’s good for you.

In 1999, Harvey said in front about 175 people that helping people was a privilege, and I was in the room for that. 

Harvey grew up in Queens  — so did I —  in a 700 square foot apartment. Me too.  He earned an MBA in Finance from Columbia University. I went to The School of International Affairs at Columbia.

He is nice to everyone — except me, of course.  Seriously, Harrey is special and he’s helping Advisor Products change the way financial professionals communicate. 



Amid Economic Growth and Record High Stock Prices,...
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