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This pesky new Trojan has been infecting advisors. Beyond telling you not to click on it, advisors should understand how this virus works. I was infected and you can learn from my mistake.

The victim's email address is blurred in the GIF, but let's call her Jennifer. Her computer was infected by code that sends a group of Jennifer's contacts to click on a link.  That's step one.

In a diabolical step two, the malicous code inserts a rule in your email client  -- Outlook for most advisors -- automatically moving any responses from your contacts to the malicious email to your Deleted folder.  Since most people never look at the deleted folder, an advisor never sees replies from contacts trying to verify your request to click on the link. Nor would you see the authorization of a transfer to the hacker's account.

Advisors or their staff are so busy that they don't notice the spelling and grammatical mistakes that often give away the malicious nature of these emails. Malware protection software can't keep up with the  ariants on this Trojan.

By the way, the animated GIF that likely brought you to this page is a great tool in online communication. I am starting a new site to help advisors use animated GIFs to make people click on their status updates in LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The new site is   











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