Quarterly Performance Report For Advisors

The quarterly market summary for advisors was posted two days ago in the advisor marketing dashboard.

It's one of 10 PowerPoint presentations you get every quarter with Financial Advisor Marketing Engine. 

This quarterly PowerPoint is good content to send with quarterly performance reports. The quarterly market summary is written by economist Fritz Meyer and edited by me.  It's a quick personal touch aligning your netwoirk with a fiduciary's approach to low-expense investing.


About half of this quarter's 37-slide presentation consists of charts showing returns of major asset classes, sectors, and styles for the third quarter of 2017, year-to-date, 12-months and five years. Each chart is explained in short articles, ranging from 100- to 350-words in length. 

With tax reform upending year-end tax planning this year, the second half of this quarter's market summary contains 17 timely slides about the tax reform proposal. This is based on monthly content from Bob Keebler, CPA/PFS. Each slide is iaccompanied by a brief article. The year-end tax planning portion of this presentation takes about eight minutes for advisors to deliver. Record your narration of the script provided for a single slide or all of the slides, and post tit as a video toYouTube. Embed the as a blog post and add your keywords. If you don't know your keywords, we can do the research for you. 

Will it work for you? Content marketing is probably how you found us. The technqiues actually are implemented in this post. For instance, the video above is embedded. Our keywords "advisor presentations" and "advisor videos" are mentioned a few times and placed in the headline. You can do this pretty easily. 

The quarterly market summary is available 14 days after the end of every quarter and usually runs about 30 slides in length. Emailing the chart of the five-year asset class performance to your list of clients, prospects, colleagues and friends is easy and communicates key ideas consistent with prudent investing principles and low-expense investing, the financial advisors our platform supports..    

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