Croesus Partners With Advisor Products To Offer A Client Vault With Its Portfolio Management Software

Montreal, Quebec, May 11, 2016 – Croesus, a leading provider of wealth management solutions, has integrated with AdvisorVault from Advisor Products. Investment advisors can now distribute portfolio performance reports to all their clients daily in a fully automated process.

AdvisorVault provides a personalized and graphically rich interactive client portal. Advisors can securely post documents in private folders for clients with high encryption behind multiple firewalls. Integrations with advisor websites and professional apps have made it a leading client portal solution in the industry.

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BuildAdvisorWebsites: Easy, Inexpensive And Comprehensive is a new platform that enables you create your own website in minutes for an advisory business. It's like WIX, GoDaddy, and other DIY apps for building your own website. But what makes BuildAdvisorWebsites different from other do-it-yourself marketing websites is its integrated suite of tools for financial professionals.

Build Advisor Websites integrates a consumer education system with a stream of videos, email newsletters, and calls to action for clients and prospects. The consumer education content is based on accredited continuing professional education programming. BuildAdvisorWebsites also enables a client portal with feeds integrated from CRM, portfolio management software and financial planning systems used by advisors.

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Panic Protection For Financial Professionals

Putting your voice on this video is easy and inexpensive with Advisor Video Library, and it gives financial professionals Panic Protection Coverage.

Panic Protection Coverage is like an insurance policy for an investment advisor. We guarantee that, during market plunges, we will give you coverage from our experts in long-term investment wisdom.

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AdvisorVault Client Portal Content Widget

AdvisorVault Client Portal's content widget is live! It enables advisors to stream financial planning content and their latest blog post alongside reports from seven portfolio performance systems, MoneyGuide Pro and Redtail CRM.

Advisors can personalize the content stream to each individual client. Retirees, pre-retirees, and business owners can see content focused on their personal financial issues.  We aim to change investor behavior by providing education content supporting fiduciaries at crucial moments. 

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TD Ameritrade Account Data Widget In Advisor Client Portals

A widget displaying account data from TD Ameritrade Institutional’s VeoOne Platform is now available in the AdvisorVault Client Portal.

Using TD Ameritrade Data Intelligently

Instead of providing a link on your website where clients log into TD Ameritrade Institutional’s advisor-client website to see account values, clients log in to your website’s client dashboard. It’s a client portal designed expressly to help advisors collaborate with clients.

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Redtail Now Integrated In AdvisorVault Client Portal

Redtail CRM, one of the most popular CRM systems financial advisors, was released recently on advisor websites that use the AdvisorVault Client Portal.

Integration of Redtail into advisor client portals increases an advisor’s efficiency enormously. It opens a new channel of communication from your CRM to your clients where none existed before.

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How AdvisorVault RoboIA Improves An Advisor's Business

The vast majority of advisor websites are developed with little forethought and rarely vital to the business of a professional. But advisor websites can and should be the most important app in your practice! It is your interface with the outside world!

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Embracing Robo IAs -- Investment Advisors Building Businesses

Shrill headlines scream fear for roboadvisors, but independent financial professionals must embrace the Web.

We, the people of Advisor Products Inc., are launching a solution automating ongoing financial planning advice supervised by financial professionals — CFPs, CPAs, CIMAs, CPWAs, CFAs, ChFCs, CLUs, and EAs.

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Our New Client Dashboard Is An Advisor’s Client Portal

Since January, we have been developing a new client portal for advisors.

The new client portal is built into AdvisorVault, which is used by hundreds of RIAs. AdvisorVault is a highly customized version of Microsoft SharePoint explicitly designed to meet the needs of financial advice professionals.

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An Update On The Financial Advisor Communications System

The entire Advisor Products team is working hard to achieve an ambitious set of goals that will transform the way financial advisors communicate.

Here’s an update on our work at Advisor Products in launching the Financial Advisor Communications System:

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