If retail sales grow and no one sees it, it still causes a boom!

If retail sales climb skyward and no one sees, it still causes a boom. Like the proverbial tree no one sees falling in a forest, the growth in retail sales has a real impact -- after inflation.

Fritz Meyer had a hunch that something did not add up. Retail sales releases month after month have been okay, but based on decades of experience, Fritz knows that inflation often masks real activity. So he built a spreadsheet adjusting for inflation the Census Bureau's retail sales data releases. It revealed a story that the financial press month after month have been missing. Fritz stepped me through his analysis last Friday. As always, he summarized it in a chart.  

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A First For Advisor Websites: Advisor Reviews


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When Advisor Email Newsletters Go To Junk, Spam, Or Clutter

Advisor email newsletters often never make it to the intended consumer's Inbox. They go to junk, spam, or clutter folder. What can you do to fight back?  Here's the answer.

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Financial Planning Newsletters For Professionals In 3-D

Systematic client communications for advisors is like multi-level chess. Content must be thought leadership, concise, and in the medium each individual client prefers. We do all that, while also enabling advisors to personalize everything by editing tweets, emails, and articles and narrating videos.

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Our Policy On Publishing Content On Advisor Websites

Advisor Products no longer publishes articles, videos and other content on websites for consumers to view unless they provide an email address. Why?  

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Financial Planning Email Newsletters For Advisors

This email newsletter is unique. It's based on continuing professional education webinars taught every month by Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS, who has educated legal and accounting professionals about individual taxation for over three decades. 

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Scripts For CFPs®

Every week, a new script illustrated with charts, tables, and graphics is posted in our dashboard.

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FinTech Will Eat Older Advisors' Lunch

Having built a very successful practice for three decades, the advisor on the phone was sure he would not use a dashboard for communicating with clients and influencers. He delegated creating newsletters and client communications to his staff.

Seemingly oblivious to the revolution in building trusting relationships on the web, this mindset is common among older advisors, and it makes them increasingly susceptible to competitors who understand financial advisor technology. A 30-something  or 40-ish CFP, CIMA, CPA/PFS, CFA, who grew up texting and understands social is able to target your clients with campaigns about tax and financial planning, dripping on them weekly with inarguable facts and analysis that you are not providing to  them.  

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Fritz Meyer Was Right About Earnings

Two months ago, economist Fritz Meyer began using the phrase, "upward revisions to accelerating earnings," to describe the outlook for profits. The new tax law, he said, would gradually add eight percentage points to 2018 earnings growth on the S&P 500. 

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Amid Economic Growth and Record High Stock Prices, A Warning


The S&P 500 has broken record highs repeatedly for months, and profits expectations are smashing for 2017, 2018, and 2019, but William C. Dudley, vice-chair of the Federal Open Market Committee at the U.S. Federal Reserve and CEO of the New York District, in a speech in New York City last week, said the country's current fiscal course is unsustainable.  

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