Fighting Advisor Marketing Misperceptions, One Advisor At A Time

An advisor last week told me sending a weekly email to clients is a bad idea. “It sends a bad message by focusing on short-term news,” he said.

I understand why he said that, but then showed him why he was wrong.

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Covering The San Bernardino Terror Attack In Last Week's Client Update

At about 4 p.m. ET last Friday — 48 hours after the attack in San Bernardino — the FBI called the fatal shooting of 14 people an act of terror. Suddenly, performance of the stock market after the attack was a compelling story.

Immediately after the attack, late Wednesday afternoon, stocks prices fell, and they dropped again on Thursday. On Friday, however, by the end of trading, stocks had recouped those losses.

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Video: Jim Cramer Actually Said That Some Traders Knew In Advance Of Paris Attacks

On the Monday morning following the Friday, November 13, terrorist attacks in Paris, Jim Cramer said on TV that some traders appeared to have had knowledge in advance of the terrorist plots that killed at least 130. Cramer, in spinning his consipracy theory, exposes the true character of his coverage.   

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New Advisor Video Charts Terrorism Versus S&P 500

This video is the right message at the right time. It went out to tens of thousands of advisor clients tonight in email newsletters. 

Advisor Products is helping the clients of financial professionals.

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Explaining Modern Portfolio Theory To Advisor Clients In Pictures, Words, And Music

If you manage assets in diversified portfolios, your clients’ portfolios are probably trailing the S&P 500. Since the financial press reports on performance of the S&P 500, clients usually expect your advice to keep pace with the S&P 500, and you may not be meeting their expectations. Prudent financial professionals who rely on Modern Portfolio Theory are vulnerable to advisors peddling far less prudent advice.  

This video is what Advisor Products is doing to help professionals who doing the right thing to communicate about this issue effectively and inexpensively using modern Internet tools.

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How To Embed A Stream Of Advisor Videos In Any Advisor Website

With Advisor Video Library (AVL), financial advisors can post videos to ANY website.

The Advisor Video Library gives you a library of 15 FINRA-reviewed videos quarterly. You can narrate them using AVL or skip the narration and use the voiceover we provide. The content of these videos is uncommonly intelligent.

I mentioned in a recent blog entry that you can now post these FINRA-reviewed videos to any website and they will be automatically updated once you copy and paste an embed script on your blog or any web page. 

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New Advisor Video Explains Why Prudent Investors Trail S&P 500

Five new videos are now available for this quarter's edition of Advisor Video Library, including the one below, which explains why cilents should not expect diversified portfolios you provide to perform as well as the S&P 500.

While the video is only a minute and twenty-seconds in length, it communicates a lesson that clients need to be reminded of frequently, a lesson critical to client retention and keeping investors diversfied over the long run.

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Automated Distribution Of Advisor-Narrated Videos

Advisor Video Library (AVL) is an online video platform built for financial professionals to find new clients and maintain relationships. Here’s how it works.

You Narrate Our Videos. Read a FINRA-reviewed script over the phone and our app synchronizes our videos with your voice.

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Explain To Clients Why Their Portfolios Trail The S&P 500


Click to enlage

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Embed Our Videos On Any Website

Now you can embed our educational videos for clients and prospects on any website, hosted anywhere.

You can record your voice using your telephone and reading the script displayed in your browser, or by recording the script and creating MP3 files that you will upload to the server. And putting your voice on the video is not something you want to bother with, you can choose not to record your voice and use the audio from our professional voiceover talent.

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