Quarterly Economic And Market Coverage Starts Tomorrow

With 3Q2015 ending yesterday, subscribers to Advisor Products FA marketing engine (FAME) should look for a flurry of new content release in the next two weeks.


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Covering Investments From A Long-Term Perspective Weekly

While many advisors fear covering markets weekly will train their clients to have a short-term perspective, such fears are misplaced.

Take a look at the update distributed last Friday in email newsletters by hundreds of RIAs to tell their clients what to make of the Fed’s decision to leave rates unchanged last week.

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Breaking News Coverage Is Crucial To Advisors

Since the 30-minute, 1000-point plunge in the Dow Jones Industrial Average on Monday morning, August 24, A4A and Advisor Products have produced five continuing professional education webinars for financial professionals, plus: a video advisors can narrate, showing seven other emotional plunges that have roiled markets since the beginning of the global financial crisis in September 2007; subscribers to Financial Advisor Marketing Engine (FAME) were provided with two 500-word FINRA-submitted articles, putting the correction in proper context in email newsletters written after the stock market closed and emailed to clients Friday night and early Saturday. Another Friday update will be written this evening, after the market closes.

The collaboration with Fritz Meyer, Craig Israelsen, and other thought leaders has worked like a dream in this period of turbulence. It's a thrill for me to have these incredibly smart people helping me help you.

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BuildAdvisorWebsites: Easy, Inexpensive And Comprehensive

BuildAdvisorWebsites.com is a new platform that enables you create your own website in minutes for an advisory business. It's like WIX, GoDaddy, and other DIY apps for building your own website. But what makes BuildAdvisorWebsites different from other do-it-yourself marketing websites is its integrated suite of tools for financial professionals.

Build Advisor Websites integrates a consumer education system with a stream of videos, email newsletters, and calls to action for clients and prospects. The consumer education content is based on accredited continuing professional education programming. BuildAdvisorWebsites also enables a client portal with feeds integrated from CRM, portfolio management software and financial planning systems used by advisors.

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Breaking News, Like Last Week's Market Meltdown, Challenges Advisors

Breaking news, like last Monday’s 1000-point Dow drop, challenges financial professionals to meet client expectations. Many advisors did nothing to communicate with clients and contacts. Some might argue that reacting to every dip sends the wrong message to clients. They are deluding themselves.

Your biggest clients, people in their 60s and 70s, are all watching TV. Most get news from a mobile device. The headlines last week could easily have made a nervous retirement investor fearful.

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Panic Protection For Financial Professionals

Putting your voice on this video is easy and inexpensive with Advisor Video Library, and it gives financial professionals Panic Protection Coverage.

Panic Protection Coverage is like an insurance policy for an investment advisor. We guarantee that, during market plunges, we will give you coverage from our experts in long-term investment wisdom.

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Guaging Client Fear

Guaging Client Fear

A quarter of advisors say they’ve not had a single question from their clients about the precipitous market plunge, but 45% say 1% to 3% have expressed concern to them about it and 15% of advisors polled say 5% or more of their client base  has expressed concern to them about the plunge.

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Fritz Meyer On Market Turmoil Today; Dr. Craig Israelsen Tomorrow

b2ap3_thumbnail_Meyer-Israelsen.pngFor the latest news on the stock market plunge from Fritz Meyer’s point of view and a reminder of what’s important to tell clients now, please join us today for this special session today at 530 E.T. Fritz Meyer will share his wisdom and experience having been through a few days like this before.

And please also join us tomorrow at 4 p.m. ET when Dr. Craig Israelsen will tell you why this correction was about as surprising as a hurricane hitting North Carolina. Craig Israelsen is one of the most published academics on index investing and asset allocation. His research on Modern Portfolio Theory provides the backbone for a professional practice for fiduciaries.

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Shareholders Service Group, RIA Custodian For New And Small RIAs, Partners With Advisor Products

Shareholders Service Group, a custodian to newly-formed and small RIAs, has partnered with Advisor Products, providing  SSG’s 1,500 RIAs with a source of advisor websites and client portals for external communications.

SSG’s high proportion of “emerging RIAs” and younger advisors, are a good fit for Advisors Products. While any advisor who wants to use the most modern tools and techniques could easily use our solutions, Advisor Products tools are well-suited to a tech-savvy advisors, who often are younger than the average advisor.

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AdvisorVault Client Portal Content Widget

AdvisorVault Client Portal's content widget is live! It enables advisors to stream financial planning content and their latest blog post alongside reports from seven portfolio performance systems, MoneyGuide Pro and Redtail CRM.

Advisors can personalize the content stream to each individual client. Retirees, pre-retirees, and business owners can see content focused on their personal financial issues.  We aim to change investor behavior by providing education content supporting fiduciaries at crucial moments. 

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