Three New One-Hour Presentations For Advisors Monthly

The Financial Advisor Marketing Engine (FAME) has been improved yet again with the addition of three one-hour slide presentations for advisors every month. Transcripts of two presentations about investing and one about financial planning are available in the Advisor Products Marketing Dashboard.

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"Fritz Meyer Uncensored" Unlocks The Power Of Sharing Investment Wisdom For Advisors

Transcripts of Fritz Meyer’s webinars are now downloadable monthly along with the slides of every class, making it easy for advisors to share timely investment wisdom with clients.

Fritz Meyer is an independent economist. The 1,500 independent professionals who receive continuing education on A4A have consistently rated Fritz’s monthly classes with a 4.7 stars on a five-star rating system and call him a “national treasure.”  Publishing the transcripts unlocks the value of Fritz’s monthly one-hour presentations. Advisors can reword and reuse the transcripts from any of the slides to educate clients and prospects.

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The Price of FAME (Versus Buying A La Carte)

What price fame? Some pay with their lives; others with integrity. Fortunately, Financial Advisor Marketing Engine (FAME) is relatively affordable. In fact, the cost of FAME is 50% less than buying a la carte.  

If you’re a CFP, CPA, CIMA, ChFC, CLU, EA, CFA or other financial professional, and you want to write a blog every week or produce a quarterly webinar about fundamentals driving your investment advice, independent Fritz Meyer’s monthly slides are just $500 a year; Dr. Craig Israelsen’s monthly lessons asset allocation and diversification are $600 a year.  you’re looking for tax and financial planning presentations, CPA Bob Keebler’s monthly slide presentations are $500 a year. Those are the prices if you buy a la carte.

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Fiduciaries: Stop Getting Fired For Lagging The S&P 500

Investment fiduciaries, by definition, lag the S&P 500 index in a bull market. That’s a problem for independent professionals. Advisor Products solves it.


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Advisor Products Turns 21

Mindy, my wife, no longer could bear being at work all day, away from our two- and four-year-old. To leave behind her Wall Street paycheck, I had to earn more than a reporter’s salary. So, in August 1996, I started providing advisor products by writing The Fee-Only Client Newsletter.

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Advisor Videos For Client Education, Retention And Marketing

This week's video highlights the stock market's reaction in the hours after last week's attack in Munich.

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Clients And Prospects Want Thought Leadership From You, Not Marketing

With terrorist attacks now a weekly event, the European Union facing an existential political threat, and the speed of news causing two double-digit stock price plunges in the past 11 months, communicating with your contacts is more important than ever, and more delicate.

Our breaking news coverage enables you to send your contacts a stream of information crafted with help from independent thought leaders, including economist Fritz Meyer, MPT-expert Dr. Craig Israelsen, tax and financial planning guru Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS.

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Build Advisor Websites Tutorials

Build Advisor Websites is our new easy to use platform.

This series of videos tell you about Build Advisor Websites in 11 tutorials, averaging just over a minute in length.

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The Best Advisor Presentations For Clients

Since 2010, Fritz Meyer and I have created a quarterly market summary (QMS) for advisors to share with clients.

It took about 15 or 20 quarters turn it into what it is today.

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Within Hours Of 3.6% Brexit Plunge, Advisor Websites Were Updated And Email Newsletters Sent

In a panic or poltical crisis, the immediacy of your message to clients is as important as the message itself.

By 8:15 p.m. ET, Friday, June 24, after Brexit knocked U.S. stocks for a 3.6% loss for the day, our advisor websites we host were updated with new content.

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